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Traditionally, chaplains’ roles have been ceremonial; They are called upon for banquets, funerals, blessings, and weddings. They are well-meaning and primarily volunteer people of faith, having a heart and hand in assisting first responders and their local agencies.  But the days of the ceremonial chaplain are over if we genuinely want first responder wellness and operational effectiveness.


First responders need support in very specific ways. The unique and habitual stressors placed on them, along with critical incidents like officer-involved shootings, must be approached by properly trained chaplains going beyond merely enthusiastic or sympathetic clergy occasionally appearing here and there. 

With the significant and ever-changing environment facing first responders, a new model of chaplaincy was developed; CALIFORNIA CHAPLAIN CORPS (CCC). 


* CCC Chaplains have an acute understanding of the culture of each department of first responders; language, habits, needs, and stresses vary significantly among agencies.

* CCC Chaplains are trained in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), suicide prevention and engagement, stress-reduction techniques, and Psychological First Aid.

* CCC Chaplains are apart of the life and culture of each department.

* CCC Chaplains are present in the heat of battle or for a cup of coffee at a local diner.

* CCC Chaplains are available 24/7.

* CCC Chaplains are confidential.

* CCC Chaplains are available for First Responders, their families and the communities they serve.





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